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Upgrade to Flat Free Tires

export to flat free tiresThere is nothing worse than pulling out your wheelbarrow or 2 wheeled dolly and finding that the tires are flat. You may need to upgrade to flat free tires.

Upgrade to Flat Free Tires

If you’ve already got a task in mind, and mentally prepared yourself to get it done,  nothing can derail your plan faster than a wheelbarrow with a flat tire!

You just got a freight delivery and they unload it at the end of your driveway. You are responsible for moving your heavy new item the rest of the way to your house, garage or barn. You run off to the shed and pull out the 2 wheel dolly…. <BAM> FLAT TIRES!

I’ve had both of these scenarios happen to me. Over and over and over again.

I had to pump up the wheelbarrow tire, every day, before I could bring the firewood into the house. Hauling firewood is already enough work without messing around with the air compressor.

To top it off I’ve replaced the wheelbarrow’s inner tube twice in less than a year.

All this tire maintenance is putting me behind schedule on my chores. It was time for a change.

Time for a tire change!’

Flat Free Tires

After changing that accursed $11 inner tube, I realized there had to be something better. I hit the trusty internet and found that there are flat free wheelbarrow tires and flat free hand truck tires.

What a great idea.

I found a site that describes how to size a wheelbarrow tire, then I quickly ordered one that fit my wheelbarrow. I ordered one that came in bright yellow, just in case someone ever steals my hot rod wheelbarrow!

wheelbarrow flat free tires

Snazzy Yellow Tire!

The flat free wheelbarrow tire has been a smashing success. Every time I get out the wheelbarrow, the tire is ready to go. No more flat tires slowing me down on my chores!

If you’ve been losing the fight against flat tires on your tools, read up on flat free wheelbarrow tires and flat free hand truck tires to see if they are a fit for you.

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